Artist of the Week: Jeff Baij

Artist of the Week: Jeff Baij

Jeff Baij

This week we are supposed to examine the work of Jeff Baij.  For his work he takes other people’s art and changes it just enough so that it does not fall under plagiarism.  Because of this, his work has a large range.  He uses mostly Photoshop and does not display his work at shows.  He also appears not to sell his work, as he proudly proclaims that he has made just over 100 dollars from the selling of his art, but has been doing this since Photoshop 4.  This seems to imply that makes art simply for the joy of making art.

He is not very well known, and those that do know about him have mixed views.  On his website he quotes many of his critics, saying that “His work seems mediocre and uninteresting for the most part and draws absolutely no emotion out of me. ”  However many critics he has, there is certainly an audience he appeals to, but for the most part he seems not to care.  He just likes doing what he’s doing.


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