Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin

skull365 skull1



Noah Scalin is an artist that founded “Another Limited Rebellion, co-founded the “Alternative Speakers Bureau, and is the author of many books which include 365: A Daily Creative Journal and¬†Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (And Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work, & in your Studio. He is most famously known for his “Skull a day” project. A project in which he created 365 unique skulls for every single day of the year, ending on his birthday. He published these works on his blog and created a book, entitled Skulls, to help showcase his material. He has achieved many awards and honors, including being the guest speaker at many universities. He and two co-authors still run the skull-a-day blog, posting skulls from different artists every day of the year. Pictured above are the first and last skull that Noah Scalin published on his blog from his skull-a-day project. These, and all of his other skulls, can be found on the blog¬†



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