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Artist of the Week: Jeff Baij

Artist of the Week: Jeff Baij

Jeff Baij

This week we are supposed to examine the work of Jeff Baij.  For his work he takes other people’s art and changes it just enough so that it does not fall under plagiarism.  Because of this, his work has a large range.  He uses mostly Photoshop and does not display his work at shows.  He also appears not to sell his work, as he proudly proclaims that he has made just over 100 dollars from the selling of his art, but has been doing this since Photoshop 4.  This seems to imply that makes art simply for the joy of making art.

He is not very well known, and those that do know about him have mixed views.  On his website he quotes many of his critics, saying that “His work seems mediocre and uninteresting for the most part and draws absolutely no emotion out of me. ”  However many critics he has, there is certainly an audience he appeals to, but for the most part he seems not to care.  He just likes doing what he’s doing.


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Scan composition number 2

Davenport scancomp3

These are my second and third scan compositions. The first of these is my favorite of all three compositions. It is meant to portray the feeling that one has when suffering with depression. The feeling that people are trying to reach out and show you love, but there is a fog that simply can’t be penetrated.

The second one tries to display “elsewhereness”. There is somewhere that is beckoning and appealing to the audience, however the destination is not clear. It’s supposed to give a feeling of excitement and trepidation.

Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin

skull365 skull1



Noah Scalin is an artist that founded “Another Limited Rebellion, co-founded the “Alternative Speakers Bureau, and is the author of many books which include 365: A Daily Creative Journal and Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (And Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work, & in your Studio. He is most famously known for his “Skull a day” project. A project in which he created 365 unique skulls for every single day of the year, ending on his birthday. He published these works on his blog and created a book, entitled Skulls, to help showcase his material. He has achieved many awards and honors, including being the guest speaker at many universities. He and two co-authors still run the skull-a-day blog, posting skulls from different artists every day of the year. Pictured above are the first and last skull that Noah Scalin published on his blog from his skull-a-day project. These, and all of his other skulls, can be found on the blog